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You want to lose weight successfully in the long term and regain control over your body and your life? Then feel welcome to lose weight successfully with medical help. Whether you want to lose 10, 15 or 40 kilos, in the experienced hands of My Weight experts, weight loss becomes a pleasant experience. Together, our experts have several hundred years of experience in the professional and discreet accompaniment of patients who want to lose weight successfully in the long term. During your therapy you are never alone. Because aftercare experts take care that your kilos not only fall, but also do not come back!


Lose weight - Your success comes first!

Trust in decades of experience in the fight for successful weight loss with stomach reductions, EndoSleeve, gastric band and gastric balloon. Thanks to your Weight Buddy® you’ll never walk alone!

Every beginning is hard

Successfully lose weight

If you’ve made it to our site, then you’ve probably already tried a few diets. Don’t worry, most people feel the same way you do! Diets often mean renunciation, which you can not keep up for a long time. As soon as you fall back into old patterns, the JoJo effect comes. The JoJo trap is actually a step trap. Because at the end you have always again something more on the ribs than at the beginning of the diet.

Did you know?

If you eat too few calories through dieting, you can even gain weight. The JoJo trap arises!

Stay motivated

In the first weeks, patients lose an average of 1.5 – 2 kilos per week.

Sounds too good?

Losing weight does not have to be difficult

Because with the right help, losing weight can even be fun! Especially in the early days, our patients lose an average of 1-2 kilos per week. On top of that, they feel fitter, are more active and have more zest for life. Of course, gastric balloons and gastric bands are not miracle cures, but they give you so much motivation right from the start that the rest on your way to your desired weight is easier to achieve.


You want to...

up to 30

lost kilos?

Gastric Balloon

The intragastric balloon supports you for 6-12 months. A gastric balloon can help you to lose 20-30 kilos safely and reliably in the long term.

up to 70

lost kilos?

Gastric Banding

Are you looking for a weight loss method that will help you not only achieve but also maintain your weight for years to come? A gastric band can help you lose weight safely and reliably in the long term, even well over 30 kilos.


What patients say

Losing weight has always been a challenge for me. I have tried everything. You know what I'm talking about - diet, exercise and pills. Either it doesn't work or it doesn't last.


"After trying everything from pills to diet plans, Weight Watchers and all sorts of methods, I understood I needed something different."


"With the Spatz3 gastric balloon I lost over 47 kg in less than 6 months! I would do it again and again!"


"As a businesswoman, I don't have time for regular meals because I'm constantly jumping from one thing to the next. Also, at 40, I'm at an age where it's difficult to lose weight. But I lost incredible 20 kilos and manage to maintain my weight successfully since therapy ends."


"I've had enough of "Mom's taking a break for a minute"! Finally, I can play with my kids again."


Gastric balloon
"After the death of my mother and a car accident, I had lost control of my life. I lost over 40 kilos and that only because really everyone was always there for me!"


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