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Kategorie: Gastric Balloon Experience

Haferflocken: Lebensmittel mit Zink
Sneeze – currently, almost everyone is a bit under the weather. So, what can you do to boost your immune system? Could zinc be the answer? Discover in this article the functions of zinc in the body, symptoms indicating a zinc deficiency, and the zinc-rich foods that make a difference.

Magenballon Nebenwirkungen
What am I letting myself in for and what can help me? If you are thinking about having a gastric balloon inserted, you will inevitably ask yourself about the side effects. We would like to show you very transparently what you can expect and show you ways to manage the side effects of the gastric balloon correctly.

Esters Magenballon Vorher Nachher Erfahrungsbericht. Erfolgreich abnehmen in kurzer Zeit.
Today we would like to present you Ester's gastric balloon experience report in Berlin. Ester is 33 years young and has lost 39 kg with the help of a gastric balloon within 12 months. How the young mother managed to turn her life around during the Corona crisis and successfully become five dress sizes slimmer, she has revealed to us in her experience report on the gastric balloon.

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