Denise hat 20 Kilo mit einem Magenballon abgenommen. Von ihren Magenballon Erfahrungen berichtet sie hier.

Denise journey to the gastric balloon

Denise hasn’t really been happy with her weight for a long time and hasn’t really felt comfortable in her body for the last few years. She has tried many diets of all kinds, but they just never did anything for her.

In the end, Denise always put on weight again after every diet, so all the effort was for nothing for her. Her desire is to lose weight in a way that works well over the long term and that guides her through the process of losing weight with guidance and professional support. She informs herself on the Internet and looks, which alternatives she has to a classical diet. While doing so, she comes across the gastric balloon. Shortly after her contact in the practice, she was able to have a Spatz3 intragastric balloon inserted. After her comprehensive consultation, it quickly became clear that this intragastric balloon could offer her the greatest support in losing weight.

It is her goal to be able to change her diet in the long term during the one-year therapy. Most of all, Denise is convinced by the My Weight concept, in which she has a constant companion next to her. Her coach is there to help her with any questions or challenges she may have. She is encouraged by the fact that she does not have to achieve her goal all by herself with the My Weight concept. About the Spatz3 model, which stays in her body for 12 months, what excites her most is that you can have it refilled after six to eight months. This is helpful if one needs further support in losing weight. On the other hand, you could also have it pumped out before the 12 months is up if you’re already happy with your weight and weight loss and want to make it through the remaining months without your roommate. So the design of the intragastric balloon therapy is possible on an individual basis.

Denise’s dream is to reduce her weight to 80 kilos with the help of the gastric balloon. Currently she has a weight of 98 kilos with a height of 164 cm. And even though some people think that 80 kilos is still too much for Denise, love just can’t imagine anything else. The last time she felt really comfortable in her own body was at 80 kilos. So every patient has his or her very own feel-good weight. Sometimes it’s the old favorite jeans in the closet, sometimes it’s a photo or a period of life that you look back on. Feel-good weight can rarely be pinned down to a number. Denise wants to reach her feel-good weight of 80 kilos without any pressure. This is where the annual therapy can support her the most. A good attitude!

The week before the insertion of her intragastric balloon, Denise is already a bit agitated. Many questions like “Will I make it this time?”, “Will it work in the long run – different from diets?” and “Will I even manage to lose weight?” are buzzing through her head. However, she is not afraid of the procedure. Thanks to her previous work experience as a nurse, Denise knows exactly how a gastroscopy works and what to expect. So she has no fear. Only the uncertainty of whether she can really achieve what she has set out to do in a year’s time remains.

The day of gastric balloon implantation

Fortunately, Denise was able to sleep well the night before the procedure. She is still not nervous, just quite excited about the insert and what comes with it. She does have a slight headache because she was not allowed to drink anything for four hours before the insertion, but otherwise she is doing great.

550 ml of saline solution is filled into her gastric balloon. Shortly after waking up, it feels a bit disconcerting, but in her opinion it is well tolerable. She does not yet feel any nausea. For the rest of the day, she continues to rest well. Now she has to give herself and her body time to get used to the new roommate.

Can a gastric balloon help me?

Gastric balloon side effects in the first week

On the first day after the insertion of her gastric balloon, Denise has to throw up more often. She still feels somewhat exhausted overall from the procedure and sleeps a lot. Unfortunately, the nausea remains with her and even 2 days after the insertion Denise still has to vomit regularly. She has no hunger or appetite, and drinking is also difficult for her. Therefore, she receives another infusion to ensure that she is supplied with sufficient fluids.

The days of getting used to the gastric balloon are unpleasant for Denise, but with the help of the recommended medication she gets through them quite well. From the third day after the implantation, she no longer has to throw up and has a bit more energy again. She can also go out into the fresh air to get her circulation going. She still has slight abdominal cramps and therefore continues to stick to light food in very small amounts. But since she is feeling a little better every day, she knows she is on the right track.

How does a gastric balloon work?

The progress after 3 weeks with the gastric balloon

In the first three weeks of therapy, Denise has lost a total of seven kilos, which is a great start! She knows that a lot of the kilos lost so far were water retention and that the weight loss will not continue at the same pace. But either way, seven kilos less is a great motivation to stay on the ball.

In the meantime, some older pants fit her very well again, which makes Denise very happy. Since the beginning of the therapy, Denise has been very careful to move more, which of course supports her weight loss. She goes for a walk every day and has set herself the goal of walking at least 6000 steps a day, but more likely 10,0000.

Love still can’t eat properly, though. She still feels a slight stomach rumble from time to time and doesn’t really have an appetite. She just manages a maximum of 800 kcal a day, which is too little for a healthy weight loss in the long run. But since she is otherwise doing really well, she is confident that this will also level out again soon.

And her routines are also getting better and better, just like life with the balloon in general. Now Denise is finally sure that it was exactly the right decision for her to take the step of gastric balloon therapy.

Gastric balloon first month experience

In recent weeks, Denise has also had to make friends with her gastric balloon during work hours. For her job, she is usually in different hotels during the week and rarely spends the evenings at home. Nevertheless, she has managed well to incorporate more exercise into her daily routine. She still goes for walks in the evenings, does small workouts in her hotel room or uses the hotel gym when available. This works very well for her. With the food it falls to the dear already more heavily. It’s not always easy to incorporate meals regularly and consciously into her workday. But she knows how important it is. Now she already tries to prepare the food for the week on Sunday and take it with her on her business trips.

Still, cravings for unhealthy foods and cravings are slowly coming back, which she struggles with a bit. Keeping to the 250 g for a portion size is also sometimes more difficult. The fact that she travels with colleagues on her business trips sometimes presents another challenge. They often go to a restaurant or order something. Here, it requires an extra dose of discipline from Denise not to eat the whole pizza, for example – even if she sometimes earns wry looks or comments from colleagues for doing so. But these challenges are part of the job and, in general, Denise masters these hurdles well.

By wearing clothes that now finally fit, she remains motivated. At this point, Love has lost about eight kilos, which now puts her at 91 kilos. Bravo! On her own, she says, she never would have gotten this far. She is especially grateful for always having a counselor by her side. She also finds the Facebook group, where she can always chat and exchange ideas with people who also have or had a gastric balloon, great. The exchange of experiences with like-minded people is incredibly good for her and helps her to stay motivated.

Denise has a clear goal for her birthday in four weeks: to get down to 85 kilos. To achieve this, she still needs to lose six kilos, which could be quite a challenge due to the upcoming Christmas season. We are curious to see how Denise continues her journey.

Gastric balloon experience during holidays

In the past two months, Denise has lost a total of nine kilos. Her weight loss is now proceeding at a somewhat slower pace. For one thing, she has now gotten used to the gastric balloon and her stomach has adjusted to the new roommate.

On the other hand, during the holidays and on her birthday, she also had a sweet tooth or two. Even though the cravings for sweets are no longer as strong as they were eight weeks ago, it’s not easy for Denise to completely give them up. But the good thing is that the gastric balloon helps her to find the right balance again and not go overboard. And this way, it’s also perfectly okay to eat something sweet! With the various Christmas dinners, she made sure to stick to the portion sizes. Of course, that wasn’t easy. On the second day of Christmas, she ate a little more – but this was also reported back to her by the gastric balloon. The feeling of pressure in her stomach and frequent belching let her know that it was too much. New Year’s Eve worked out great for her again. Overall, Denise is satisfied. She maintained her weight over the holidays and that is also a success!

In these two weeks, in which Denise was completely at home – without the professional travel – Denise has also noticed that her lifestyle has changed a lot. She took advantage of the free time and took lots of big walks in the fresh air. Exercise has become much more integrated into her daily routine, and it’s really doing her good!

Can a gastric balloon help me?

Video blog entry month 3 with gastric balloon

After 3.5 months, Denise is having a real motivation crisis. That is completely normal. The first 11 kilos are already gone. But the longer the balloon is in her body, the more motivation she has to muster – and she wants to! Together with her aftercare advisor from My Weight, she now wants to work on making it really ‘click’ in her mind. Filling up after only 3 months, she knows herself, cannot be the solution.

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Video blog entry month 5 with gastric balloon

After five months, the time has come, Denise had her Spatz 3 gastric balloon filled again for even better support. The procedure was totally uncomplicated. She had no complaints or pain afterwards either. Even eating after the refill is not bad at all. Her conclusion: she is incredibly glad that she chose an adjustable gastric balloon. She is full for much longer and finally manages to distinguish between hunger and appetite. That is exactly what she had been missing until now. On the scale, the refill has already brought her a kilo – even though she can’t manage to watch what she eats at the moment.

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10 months gastric balloon

It has now been 10 months since Denise got support to lose weight with the gastric balloon. She has now lost a total of 15 kilos, which is great. Unfortunately, however, nothing has changed on the scales in the last three months. With her initial weight of 100 kg, she did not start the therapy severely overweight, so she did not expect to lose 30 kg or more. However, her goal remains to lose 20 kilos in the year with the balloon. So she wants to really step on the gas again in the last quarter of the therapy period!

Ist der Magenballon das Richtige für mich?

Denise therefore decides to refill the balloon. After the refill, the feeling of fullness comes faster again, which helps her to stay disciplined. Her eating behavior has definitely changed a lot in the last 10 months. She is now much more aware and healthier. Nevertheless, Denise also says that she still sees a need for optimization in her diet. In her mind, it’s sometimes hard to keep cravings for sweets completely under control. But Denise knows: routines and habits that you have built up over years cannot be completely discarded within a few months, even with a gastric balloon. But she definitely wants to lose another 5 kilos before she reaches her desired weight.

Gastric balloon thoughts: 1 day before removal

In the year with the gastric balloon, Denise’s body has changed quite a bit. On the one hand, she has lost a proud 17 kg, and of course you can see that. But her body has also changed in the sense that she has lost body fat, built up muscles and toned her body. Especially through before-and-after photos, the beloved first became really aware of how much she has achieved in the 12 months. It makes her feel good. She had wished for a little more than 17 kg weight loss, but even that is a super result. She now feels completely comfortable in her body again and that is the most important thing! Through the balloon, Denise has not gained a new life, but has optimized her existing one. The times when she was ashamed of her figure are definitely over!

Conclusion: 12 months gastric balloon experience

Twelve months with Spatz gastric balloon therapy are now over and Denise has lost a wonderful 17 kilos, which is a great result. Following the problem-free removal, Denise’s fear of falling into old habits has not been confirmed. She can continue well with the routines she has acquired over the last year, and thus has her diet under control. Through treatment, Denise says she has been able to develop a new attitude toward life, in which the balloon was an important first step. It was the basis for developing a certain discipline. A healthy diet and sufficient exercise are now part of Denise’s daily routine. Inserting the Spatz gastric balloon was the best decision for her. She is not only visually happy with herself again, but also feels mentally strengthened. We wish Denise only the best for the future!

If you want to learn more about the therapy or read more testimonials, feel free to check out our Facebook page or read more blog posts. If you have specific questions, you are also welcome to contact one of our consultants. Our consultations are absolutely non-binding and free of charge for you!


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