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Gastric Balloon Experience

Every year some patients allow us to publish their weight loss success stories before and after the therapy. Their gastric balloon experience is what drives us at My Weight to get a little bit better every day and to check how good the treatment quality of our doctors is. Because My Weight stands for especially good aftercare during the entire therapy period, so that you can get the most out of your gastric balloon experience!

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Testimonials from patients

Latest gastric balloon experience

From now on you can also find the latest testimonials in our blog.

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Melanie's gastric balloon experience - Lose weight before and after

Losing weight has always been a challenge for me. I have tried everything. You know what I’m talking about – diet, exercise and pills. Either it doesn’t work or it doesn’t last.

Even when I followed the diet carefully – it was so difficult, and eventually I failed. I knew I needed help to control my appetite – but diet pills didn’t work that well. When I heard about the success of the balloons, I was very interested to see if this would work for me. They were testing a new adjustable balloon at the university hospital nearby. My doctor suggested I try it. The first few days were not as bad as I expected.

I had nausea and vomiting, but I managed to get through it. After that, it got much better. My appetite decreased and I lost weight steadily. After about 4 1/2 months, my appetite slowly increased again. My doctor recommended adding more fluids to the balloon. I went back to the hospital for a quick procedure. Since then, I have lost another 7 kg. My life has changed. I am overjoyed with the results so far. I feel so proud when my friends tell me I look good. My clothes were hanging so loose that I had to buy everything new. Most important of all, I feel great.”

And now – how is your gastric balloon after experience?

3 Jahre später: “Mir geht es großartig. Ich habe weitere 7 kg verloren, seit mein Ballon entfernt wurde. Das 1 Jahr der Ballonbehandlung hat mir wirklich geholfen, meine Essgewohnheiten zu ändern.”

Melanie lost 41 kilos in 12 months with the gastric balloon.

*Note: Unfortunately, Melanie did not send a photo from the beginning of her therapy. The two photos are when the intragastric balloon was removed and 3 years later.

Hannan's experience

“As a businesswoman, I don’t have time for regular meals because I’m constantly jumping from one thing to the next. Also, at 40, I’m at an age where it’s difficult to lose weight…”

That’s why I was looking for a quick and easy solution to achieve what I wanted – the adjustable Spatz3 gastric balloon. Now I am a new person with more freedom of movement, better health, higher self-confidence and so much more…. I can highly recommend the gastric balloon therapy. I have already lost 20 kilos and have maintained my weight since the end of the therapy. Now I’m only five kilos short of my favorite jeans.”

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Efis gastric balloon weight loss experience before and after

“With the Spatz3 gastric balloon I lost over 47 kg in less than 6 months! I would do it again and again!”

“In just 6 months, I lost 47 kg with the adjustable Spatz gastric balloon and have maintained my weight ever since. It has literally changed my life. I highly recommend this intragastric balloon to anyone who wants to lose weight.”

Michaela's experience

“After trying everything from pills to diet plans, Weight Watchers and all sorts of methods, I understood that I needed something different.”

After reading about it, I decided to give it a try! The process was incredibly simple. To my surprise, the implantation was very short, within 10 to 15 minutes it was done. It’s true that I felt weak for the first 4 days. But I’m the kind of person who goes back to work the next day and that helped. Besides the fact that the therapy was a good challenge for myself, it did good to see me lose weight weekly. It was relatively easy, amazing and I just got “me” back. New Michaela.

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Arthur's experience before and after gastric ballooning

“After the death of my mother and a car accident, I had lost control of my life. I lost over 40 kilos and that was only because everyone was really always there for me!”

Arthur had gained almost 60 kilos before he came to our practice. He was finding it difficult to walk and was isolating himself more and more in his apartment. It took his father to get him back on track and help him find a weight loss procedure that worked for him. It was clear to Arthur he didn’t want a procedure that would restrict him for life. So he decided on a Sparrow 3 gastric balloon. He also described his weight loss before and after experience in a video.

Jessica's Experience

“I’ve had enough of “Mom’s taking a break for a minute”! Finally, I can play with my kids again.”

In her childhood, Jessica has been to diet camps because her weight was just never going to be normal. But even that did little good. As a young woman, she eventually came to terms with being overweight. Then her second child was born and the kilos from two pregnancies weighed heavily on her. Now she realized that she couldn’t play with her little ones the way she wanted to. Jessica had had enough of “Mama takes a short break”. In Münster, she had a gastric balloon inserted in the practice of Dr. Hoepffner and lost 12 kilos of excess weight in just the first 2 months.

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