Dr. Goran Simeunovic

Konz near Trier
  • Treatments :
    Gastric balloon 6 months & 12 months
  • Address :
    Lessingstraße 1, 54329 Konz near Trier
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The person

After several years of training as a specialist in internal medicine and gastroenterology at the University Hospital Bochum, Dr. Goran Simeunovic worked for several years as a senior physician in Münster and at various practices in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia before opening his own gastroenterology practice in Konz near Trier in 2019. At Gastropraxis Mosel-Saar, he offers his patients state-of-the-art technology, such as the latest generation of endoscopes with HDTV and virtual chromendoscopy, as well as professional expertise. The practice is located between Trier and Luxembourg and is easy to reach by car and public transport.

For quite some time, Dr. Simeunovic has been dealing with the topic of nutrition and weight reduction. He works closely with various clinics in the area and offers them the obligatory gastroscopy before bariatric surgery. He performs this examination as well as the preventive colonoscopy with his experienced team in a pleasant atmosphere for the patients. After being convinced of the gastric balloon method, he decided to offer this possibility of weight reduction also for the patients in his practice.

Medicine with passion

When treating the various clinical pictures, Dr. Goran Simeunovic in Konz near Trier pays attention to a guideline-based, sensible and sustainable therapy. In the modern practice, the patient always comes first. The team of the Gastropraxis Mosel-Saar around Dr. Simeunovic has set out to counter the widespread disease “obesity” with a targeted and effective therapy. By implanting the gastric balloon for 6 or 12 months, patients can achieve great success in losing weight. This has immediate consequences for various diseases of the so-called metabolic syndrome. Thus, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases or even back problems can be significantly alleviated or the development of these diseases can be prevented. Due to his courteous and professional approach, Dr. Simeunovic is particularly appreciated by his patients. Feel free to check out his reviews on Jameda to see for yourself.

Dr. Goran Simeunovic in Konz bei Trier, Magenballon-Therapie vom Spezialisten

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Your aftercare is always tailored specifically to you. No matter if you are a stress eater, an emotional eater or have food cravings – together you will work out solutions for your start to a feel-good weight. If you want to stay slim successfully in the long term, you are in the best hands in Konz near Trier!

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