Prof. Dr. Tim Lankisch

  • Treatments :
    Gastric balloon 6 months & 12 months
  • Address :
    Graf-Adolf-Strasse 18, 40212 Dusseldorf
  • State :
    North Rhine-Westphalia

The person

Prof. Dr. Tim Lankisch was for many years a specialist and senior physician in clinics in Hanover, Hamburg and Düsseldorf. Early in his career as a senior physician, the accomplished gastroenterologist headed the endoscopy department at the Hannover Medical School and conducted parallel research on important endoscopy topics. Already in his mid-thirties, Prof. Lankisch was appointed professor at the Hannover Medical School due to his expertise and his empathetic and sensitive manner.

However, he quickly realized that the hectic daily routine of clinical practice and research meant having less and less time for his patients. Since then, he has been practicing in the heart of Düsseldorf, just a few minutes from Königsallee Anyone looking for an experienced doctor who cares about the well-being and success of his patients is therefore in the right place with Prof. Lankisch!

Praxos für Gastroenterologie Magenballon in Düsseldorf

Medicine from passion

Prof. Lankisch knows from his time in the clinic that the topic of obesity and overweight is neither well advised nor treated in a visit of 3 minutes. He often had no choice but to treat symptoms such as diabetes or high blood pressure without providing his patients with the right tools. This is exactly what Prof. Lankisch now does in the gastric balloon therapy in Düsseldorf.

In the modern practice, the well-being of each patient is put first and foremost. From the unbeatable knowledge of research and medical practice, a particularly good weight loss concept has been created, which can mean great weight loss results for patients. The gastric balloon and consistent care can break the cycle of obesity.

The expert knows “demonstrably it can come to an improvement of the well-known accompanying illnesses such as high blood pressure, fat metabolic disturbances, diabetes Mellitus type 2 and arthrosis. Also the risk of cardiovascular diseases is lowered.”  At the same time, the large team is always available. It is not for nothing that Prof. Lankisch in Düsseldorf receives an average grade of 1.1 from his patients. Losing weight in Düsseldorf can become a pleasant and motivating experience here.

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Your way to your desired weight
Lose weight in Dusseldorf

Losing weight can be a pleasant experience in Dusseldorf. If you are motivated to lose weight and want to successfully maintain your weight in the long term, you are in the very best hands with Prof. Dr. Tim Lankisch in Dusseldorf!

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