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My Weight stands for holistic weight loss

You’ve probably noticed that not every diet works equally well for everyone. After all, every person is different. That’s why your weight loss specialists make sure that you don’t have to turn your life upside down to lose weight!

Organ preserving

We are convinced that the human body is super as it is. Therefore, medical weight loss procedures should preserve your organs in their original form and not mutilate them! You can rely on similar results as with other surgical procedures!

Secure, established procedures

Just like for you, safe procedures are top priority for My Weight. For this purpose, we use methods that have been successfully supporting patients on their way to their desired weight for decades. Because you and your body should be able to concentrate fully on losing weight!

Follow-up support

Your therapy aftercare is at least as important as the procedure itself. During your therapy, we will not leave you alone, but you will receive personal care.

If you want to lose weight successfully in the long term and feel good in your body again, you can get free advice about your options without any obligation. Our team of weight loss specialists is always at your disposal.

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years of experience

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Lose weight in all over Germany

You can find out about your options on your way to your desired weight at over 15 locations in Germany. All of our doctors are real weight loss specialists with decades of experience in helping people achieve their desired weight. Prerequisites for admission are outstanding results and excellent patient care.

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