Herzförmige Kartoffel in Hand, aus der resistente Stärke entstehen kann
Potatoes, rice and pasta without calories? Starchy foods are supposed to lose calories when cooled and even become healthier for the intestines. At first glance, this sounds almost too good to be true. And yet it is true, at least in part. Learn the trick of resistant starch here and how you can use it to support your weight loss.

Lächelnde Frau mit gefüllter Einkaufstüte in der Hand, die Lebensmittel mit niedriger Kaloriendichte enthält.
When it comes to weight loss and healthy weight loss, you sometimes hear the term “calorie density.” But what does that actually mean exactly? In this blog article, we want to explain everything you need to know about calorie density and how it affects satiety. We'll look at what calorie density actually means, which foods have high and low calorie density, and how a low calorie density diet can help you feel fuller and still keep your weight off.

Esters Magenballon Vorher Nachher Erfahrungsbericht. Erfolgreich abnehmen in kurzer Zeit.
Today we would like to present you Ester's gastric balloon experience report in Berlin. Ester is 33 years young and has lost 39 kg with the help of a gastric balloon within 12 months. How the young mother managed to turn her life around during the Corona crisis and successfully become five dress sizes slimmer, she has revealed to us in her experience report on the gastric balloon.

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