Gastric Balloon 6 Months

Gastric balloon for 6 months

Ideal companion for controlled weight loss


On the way to your desired weight and a healthier lifestyle, not backsliding can be quite hard. If you have already tried dozens of diets, but it has not really worked, the gastric balloon for 6 months can help you lose weight successfully. Your stomach will be reduced in size naturally for 6 months. This ensures faster satiety and less hunger. During this time, a team of experts will be at your side so that you can establish your new eating habits with the temporary stomach reduction through the gastric balloon and so that it becomes a routine. Of course, it is not only the size of our meals that matters, but also what is inside. That’s why your therapy will become a real magic bullet against superfluous kilos through supportive counseling if you wish!

The function

How does a gastric balloon for 6 months work?

Keep it simple! The principle of the gastric balloon is very simple. The gastric balloon is a temporary stomach reduction without the risks of surgery! Throughout the therapy, the small and soft balloon reduces the volume of your stomach so that you feel sated faster and hungry less quickly. Therefore, you will be satiated even from smaller portions, but have the advantage over dieting that you do not have to fear the cravings typical for diets.

The gastric balloon treatment with a therapy duration of 6 months does not require surgery. During a gastroscopy, the gastric balloon is inserted into the stomach and filled with the ideal amount of liquid for you. Compared to surgical stomach reductions, you benefit from lower risks and fewer side effects after the treatment.

You will lose a significant amount of weight from the very first day. On average, patients lose 0.5 – 1 kilogram per week. In the first month after the treatment, the first 10 kilos have usually already fallen.

Advantage #1

Immediately lose weight: lose weight from the first day – and for 6 months.

Advantage #2

Discreet weight loss: No scars or extended stay necessary. You decide who finds out about the therapy.

Advantage #3

Flexible weight loss: The gastric balloon can be removed at any time.

Advantage #4

Lose weight safely: Lose weight with trial stomach reduction – and without the surgical risks of standard obesity treatment.

Gastric balloon experience

How much weight can I lose?

If your Body Mass Index (BMI) is over 27, the gastric balloon can help you lose up to 21 kilos of excess weight in just 6 months. A team of experts is at your side to ensure that you can maintain your success in the long term. For the success of your therapy with the gastric balloon, it is important that you internalize your new eating routine and make it a habit. Don’t worry, once you have lost the first 10 or 15 kilos in the first few weeks, no one will be able to stop you and you will not let anyone take away your success. You are not alone, but your My Weight Partner supports you on your journey to your desired weight.

Gastric balloon specialists

Where can I get a 6 month gastric balloon?

You can also find gastric balloon specialists for the 6-month gastric balloon in your area. The experienced physicians have been practicing for many years at over 20 locations in Germany and Switzerland. Every single one of them has successfully accompanied many hundreds of patients on their way to their desired weight.

Experience success stories first hand!

Gastric balloon models comparison

6 months gastric balloon


from 50 Euro monthly


6 months

Therapy duration

7  months

Weight loss

18 – 21 kg

Allurion Programm


from 69 Euro monthly


4 months

Therapy duration

6 months

Weight loss

10 – 15 kg

Spatz3 Adjustable Balloon


from 69 Euro monthly


12 months

Therapy duration

13 months

Weight loss

> 25 kg


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