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Lose weight with the gastric band - and for a long time!

You want the security of choosing a procedure that preserves your organs? At the same time, you want it to support you in losing weight for the rest of your life? Furthermore, you want to reach and maintain your desired weight? With the gastric band you can quickly lose over 30 kilos successfully. Feel welcome to go your way to your desired weight together with us!

Want to lose excess weight effectively and for the long term with a gastric band? We have been supporting patients for over 14 years. You want to do something against your overweight? Then you have already taken the first important step! We will be happy to support you in all further steps.

The gastric band is made of very soft silicone. During a mini-operation, the gastric band is placed around your stomach from the outside. It creates a prestomach, which makes you feel full faster and less hungry. As a result, many patients lose over 2 kg per week in the initial period. Trust in more than 1,000,000 success stories and positive experiences of patients with gastric banding worldwide. And you already have something in common with them! Just like you, they all started where you are right now.


The Mini-Operation

The gastric band is placed around your stomach from the outside in a mini operation. The procedure takes place on an outpatient basis. This means that if you have your mini-operation at 8:00 a.m., you are usually home by 2:00 p.m.. You simply sleep through the procedure and can leave after a short observation.


The first few days

You should take it easy for a few days after the mini-operation. In the first few days you may experience discomfort, such as abdominal pain, heartburn or nausea. Don’t worry – you will leave your My Weight expert with all the useful medications that will make your adjustment more comfortable.

Personal assistance

Never alone!

You have a My Weight coach throughout the entire therapy. Together with you, your coach will create a nutrition plan that will make your permanent dietary change as easy as possible. Very important: You decide how we can best support you.

How simple!

Control your hunger and you control your weight

Initially, the gastric band was often called an eating brake. But this no longer applies to today’s gastric bands. We know from scientific studies that a properly adjusted gastric band gives you long-lasting satiety. It helps you to control your hunger and your eating behavior and to lose weight in the long term.

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With gastric band to your desired weight

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A real all-rounder!

Adjustable, adaptable and secure

Gastric banding is a surgical procedure for weight loss. It is the only procedure that is “reversible”. This means that the band can be removed again. Afterwards, the stomach returns to its former state. Why is this point so important?

Science shows that almost all surgical interventions against obesity work only for a certain time. However, the gastric band is not only reversible. It also gives you the possibility to adjust it. At the first sign that your weight is going up again, you can counteract it with a refill.

It is possible that your body will change due to weight loss. This means that sometimes the band will not have the same effect as it did at the beginning. In these cases, the effect of the gastric band can be restored with a little liquid. Then your weight loss will continue. This procedure usually takes less than 10 minutes – it’s just a small prick like a blood draw.

Lose weight with gastric band - completely flexible!

Refresher required?

The gastric band can be adjusted to your needs even years after the procedure – without surgery!

Removal made easy!

Unlike other bariatric surgery procedures, the procedure can be reversed.

Never alone!

Your My Weight expert is always there to help and advise you!

Be part of the community

In the My Weight Community you can always share experiences with other patients and give tips and tricks.

Lose weight without sacrifice

Eat food you love!

Losing weight does not have to be a sacrifice. Because losing weight can and should even go hand in hand with enjoyment. The special My Weight aftercare program supports and accompanies you. Your aftercare partner will help you with all your questions about nutrition and successfully losing weight.

Surgical procedures against obesity change your body permanently and irretrievably. This is different with gastric banding. In addition, with the gastric band you have no restriction in the choice of food. Furthermore, a permanent and expensive supply of vitamins and nutrients in the form of tablets is not necessary.

Keep eating what you love and what you like! The size of the portions on your plate will only become smaller – without you missing anything.

Live healthier with gastric band

Renew your health

Being overweight makes you ill and puts a strain on you. Often, concomitant diseases occur in addition to obesity. These include diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, sleep apnea, GERD and other health problems.

A gastric band can help you to renew your health. The weight loss from your gastric band will minimize many of these conditions. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions about concomitant diseases!

Scientific proven success

Successfully lose weight with the gastric band

Gastric band patients with a lower BMI can lose an average of 65 percent of their excess weight in the first year. In addition, patients manage to lose as much as 70 percent of their excess weight in the second year.1  If you are interested in studies on this, you can find them in the FAQ at the bottom of the page.

  Ab einem BMI von 30 ist das Magenband für dich interessant

Who is eligible?

People who suffer from high levels of obesity often have to live with concomitant diseases. These include high blood pressure, diabetes or cardiovascular problems. In addition, there is also a higher risk of heart attack or stroke. Furthermore, there is often discrimination, isolation or depression.

Often, poor diet and lack of exercise are the cause of the formation body fat. In this case, a gastric band can help to permanently reduce weight. A good guide is the body mass index (BMI). For this purpose, body weight and height are put in relation to each other. In our experience, patients with a BMI of over 30 are very well suited to successfully lose weight with a gastric band.

Wer ist geeignet?

Wer an hohem Übergewicht leidet, muss oft mit Begleiterkrankungen leben. Dazu gehören Bluthochdruck, Diabetes oder Herz- und Kreislaufprobleme. Zusätzlich besteht auch ein höheres Risiko für Herzinfarkt oder Schlaganfall. Dazu kommt häufig  Diskriminierung, Isolation oder Depressionen.

Oft sind falsche Ernährung und mangelnde Bewegung die Ursache für die Bildung Körperfett. In diesem Fall kann ein Magenband helfen dauerhaft Gewicht zu reduzieren. Eine gute Leitgrösse ist der Body-Mass-Index (BMI). Hierzu setzt man Körpergewicht und Körpergrösse ins Verhältnis. Dabei sind Patienten mit einem BMI von über 30 unserer Erfahrung nach sehr gut geeignet erfolgreich mit dem Magenband abzunehmen.

  Ab einem BMI von 30 ist das Magenband für dich interessant

You certainly have a desired weight in mind, don't you?
How many kilos still separate you from it?

Successfully lose weight with the gastric band

15 +

lose weight?

Then the gastric balloon is just right for you! The gastric balloon will be your companion on the way to your desired weight for 6-12 months. The balloon supports you in permanently changing your diet. When the balloon is removed, you will have become accustomed to smaller and healthier portions. The goal of the therapy is to change your diet. Of course, we will support you with our experience.

from 55,00 € per month

35 +

lose weight?

Then a gastric band can support you on your way! Even later, the gastric band can be adapted to your needs. Many patients lose 15 kg or more in just 2-3 months. Only after a year does your body gradually get used to the helper. The adjustment of the band has two decisive advantages for you: First, if you feel the effect of the gastric band is too intense for you at the beginning, we can drain a little fluid. Second, if your weight starts to falter, you can discuss the possibility of refilling with your My Weight expert.

from 100,00 € per month

No matter which option you choose, we are happy to support you! The gastric band can successfully support you for decades. Nevertheless, your motivation is a decisive factor for the extent of your weight loss. Another essential component of your success with the gastric band is your professional support. With the help of this combination, you can lose weight successfully in the long term – and maintain your weight.

You may have questions about the gastric band therapy. Then call us free of charge and without any obligation!

Secure and reliable.


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Lose weight with gastric banding

Who is eligible?

Your expert will go through all the important points with you. If the following points apply to you, you can lose weight successfully with the gastric band. For example, if you:

  • have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 40
  • or have at least 30 with concomitant diseases. These concomitant diseases must be caused by obesity. For example:
    • Type II Diabetis
    • High blood pressure
    • Asthma
    • Sleep apnea
    • GERD
    • other serious health problems
  • you do not currently suffer from any other disease that may have caused your obesity. Don’t worry – Hashimoto’s is not one of them.
  • are willing to change your eating habits and lifestyle
  • do not drink alcohol in excess
  • are not pregnant

Lose weight with gastric band: lose annoying concomitant diseases!

Your expert will discuss your medical history with you. The following points speak against a gastric band:

  • Inflammatory disease.
  • Ulcers, severe esophagitis, or Crohn’s disease.
  • Severe heart or lung disease.
  • Problems that can cause bleeding in the esophagus or stomach.
  • Portal hypertension.
  • Congenital or acquired abnormalities of the esophagus, stomach, or intestines.
  • Intraoperative gastric injury.
  • Cirrhosis
  • Chronic pancreatitis
  • Alcohol or drug dependence
  • Current or possible pregnancy
  • Chronic long-term steroid treatment
  • Personal or family history of autoimmune connective tissue disease, such as lupus, erythematosus, or scleroderma.

In case one of the listed points applies to you, it may be that you are not suitable for the gastric band. Do not worry! We will be happy to help you find a suitable therapy for you. You are also welcome to contact the My Weight experts with your questions.

The process

If you decide to have a gastric band, you have taken a very important step on the way to a healthier life. You may still have questions about the therapy and the procedure. If so, our experts will be happy to help you on the free consultation hotline.

You can also take part in a free online consultation. Once you have the contact details and all the information from the consultation, you can contact your My Weight expert for your procedure. During a medical consultation you will clarify all your questions and take your medical history. After that you have at least 24 hours to think about the procedure. Don’t worry, most procedures take place 2-3 weeks after the consultation. After that, your new slimmer life begins!

Your personal aftercare begins right after your mini surgery. During the therapy, you will benefit from comprehensive aftercare. You will receive a therapy book that provides you with all the important and useful information on how to deal with your gastric band. In addition, you will be supervised by your nutrition specialist, initially on a daily basis and later on a bi-weekly basis. In order for you to get the most out of your therapy, you will talk regularly about what you eat and how you feel. If you have questions, you are never alone!


Studies show that patients lose an average of 70% of their excess weight within 2 years with gastric banding. For example, 31 kilos if you are for a 1.70m and 115 kilos woman. By the way, these studies also coincide with our experience over the last 12 years. Because our patients lost on average 30-70 kilograms in 2 years with the gastric band.¹

How much you actually lose also depends on how committed you are to the program. Don’t worry, your My Weight coach will support you on your way!

¹Robert Michaelson et al (2013): LAP-BAND Lower BMI Study Group.

With gastric banding, you can lose up to 70 percent of your excess weight in 2 years!

The gastric band ensures permanent satiety. The gastric band stimulates your vargus nerve. This nerve is responsible for sending a feeling of satiety to your brain. As a result, you become full faster and less quickly hungry. You reduce your excess weight from the first day after the mini surgery.

Lose weight with gastric band means: satiety faster & less hunger

If you want to lose weight successfully in the long term and stay slim even after years.

If healthy and successful weight loss is important to you,

your quality of life should not be impaired when losing weight,

you want to continue to enjoy life, then My-Weight is the right place for you!

Your doctors at My-Weight have over 75 years of combined surgical experience.  In that time, each one has successfully operated on and assisted many thousands of patients in losing excess weight.
What better way to put yourself in the most experienced hands in surgery to embark on the most important new phase of your life, getting rid of disease-causing excess weight and the worries that come with it.

Lose weight with gastric banding at My Weight means: most experienced doctors & best care!

Diets, whether low carb, high fat or high protein always ensure that you have to give up something. This is not the case with the gastric band. If you have had bad experiences with diets, you can still lose weight with the gastric band!

Lose weight with gastric band means: no diets!

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