Gastric Balloon


BMI 27 -

up to 40

Therapy Duration

Months 6 -

up to 12


ab 2500 +


Simply lose weight with gastric balloon

You want to feel good in your body again and lose 15, 20 or over 30 kilos successfully? Then you are cordially invited to go your way to your desired weight together with us! For more than 12 years we have been helping patients to successfully lose excess weight with the gastric balloon at a fair price.

If you want to do something about your excess weight, you have already taken the first important step. Here you can find out how successful weight loss with the intragastric balloon works.

The small, liquid-filled intragastric balloon fills a large part of your stomach. The great thing about it? You get full after smaller portions and become hungry less quickly. The intragastric balloon stimulates your vagus nerve. This nerve takes care of your faster satiety. Experience shows that many patients lose more than 1.5 kg per week, especially in the beginning. Trust more than 1,000 success stories from patients who started exactly where you are right now.

Gastric balloon - completely without surgery

The procedure is very simple and painless. During a gastroscopy, the gastric balloon is inserted through your esophagus into your stomach. Once in the stomach, it is filled with saline solution. You can relax and sleep through the procedure. You will be given a drug for twilight sleep and after 15-20 minutes you will wake up with your new companion. After a short observation you can go home again.

Getting used to the gastric balloon

The first days

You should take it easy for a few days after the balloon is inserted. In the first few days you may experience discomfort such as abdominal pain, heartburn or nausea. Don’t worry – you will leave your My Weight expert with all the useful medications that will make your adjustment more comfortable.

Personal care

Never alone in gastric balloon therapy!

During the entire therapy period, a My Weight consultant will be at your side. Together with you, your consultant will create a nutrition plan that will make your permanent dietary change as easy as possible. Very important: You decide how we can best support you.

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Hashimoto? No Problem!

You suffer from a disease that makes losing weight even more difficult? The gastric balloon can also help you lose weight with lipedema, Hashimoto’s disease, diabetes and others. Just talk to us. Together we will find a way to reduce your weight in the long term!

Who is qualified?

People who suffer from high levels of overweight (obesity) often have to live with concomitant diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes or cardiovascular problems. There is also an increased risk of heart attack or stroke. In addition, there is often social discrimination, isolation or depression.

In addition to metabolic diseases or genetic factors, poor diet and lack of exercise are particularly responsible for the formation of excess fatty tissue. In such cases, a gastric balloon can help to reduce weight.

A good guide is the body mass index (BMI). BMI relates body weight to height. Patients with a BMI in the range between 27 and 40 are basically very well suited to use the intragastric balloon to help them lose weight.

  From a BMI of 27 the gastric balloon is useful for you

You want to lose more than 15kg ...

Then the 6-month therapy is exactly the right choice for you! The 6-month gastric balloon can be filled once with liquid and will be your faithful companion for 6 months on the way to your desired weight. During this time, the balloon supports your permanent change of diet to smaller and healthier portions. When the balloon is removed again, you will have become accustomed to these smaller and healthier portions – your diet will have been changed. Of course, we will support you with our experience.

from 55,00 € per month

... or even lose more than 25kg?

Then the 12-month therapy is exactly the right choice for you! The 12-month intragastric balloon not only stays in your stomach twice as long, it can even be filled several times. Many patients lose 15 kg or more in just two to three months with the intragastric balloon therapy. It is not until the fourth or fifth month that your body gets used to its helper and losing weight is no longer quite so easy. The annual balloon can be refilled at any time. This has two decisive advantages for you: If you feel the intragastric balloon is too full for you at the beginning of therapy, we can drain a little liquid. If your weight starts to falter, the balloon can be refilled with some liquid and you will lose more and faster again. This option is not a must, but will be discussed with you and your My Weight doctor.

from 73,00 € per month

Your motivation is a decisive factor for the success of the weight loss. Another important component is professional advice and support for your weight loss with the gastric balloon treatment. With the help of this combination, you can lose weight successfully in the long term – and maintain your weight.

Do you have any questions about gastric balloon therapy? Then call us free of charge and without obligation!

Secure and reliable.


Frequently asked questions about the gastric balloon


Who is qualified?

The gastric balloon for weight loss is an organ-preserving method to sustainably lose excess weight.

Patients with a BMI of 27 or more and up to 40 who have not yet achieved the desired weight loss success with conventional diets are eligible.

You can calculate your BMI above if you are not sure whether a gastric balloon is right for you.

A gastric balloon as a weight loss support may not be the right choice for you in some cases:

If you suffer from severe inflammation in the digestive tract or have already had stomach surgery, you are unfortunately not suitable for the gastric balloon method. Further exclusion criteria are blood clotting disorders, diseases of the kidneys, lungs or liver as well as psychiatric diseases and drug problems. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also not suitable for the gastric balloon method.

Yes. The method is recommended for people over the age of 18.

If your parents agree, the balloon can be used even under 18 years old.

The procedure

A very good question!

We started offering the gastric balloon therapies 12 years ago. At that time there were only a few providers.
The gastric balloon therapy takes place between the insertion and the removal with professional guidance and care.

Today, there are very many providers. It’s nice to see that the intragastric balloon is growing in popularity!
What is less pleasing is that cheap offers are made at the expense of the patient without the so important care and the patient is misled by uncertainty.

The patient must not be left alone in the care when deciding on a medical service.

Give us your trust. We have been improving care and weight loss outcomes patient by patient for over 12 years.

Congratulations, if you have decided to have a gastric balloon, your new life will start immediately. Please send us an email or call our hotline again if you have further questions or would like to make an appointment.

Next, we will meet in person at one of our locations. Together we will talk about your personal history and clarify whether a gastric balloon can help you. At the end of this consultation, you will have at least 24 hours to think about the procedure.

The big day!

On the day of the procedure, please remain sober. You will be put into a twilight sleep and wake up after about 20 minutes with your new companion. You will still be a little dizzy and will not be allowed to drive a car afterwards.

During the therapy you will be contacted by our My-Weight consultants at regular intervals – of course you can also contact them yourself. If you decide to have a yearly balloon, we can add some liquid to the balloon after a few months so that you can lose more weight than with other procedures.


Intragastric balloons convince not only patients, but also in the professional literature: in various studies weight loss successes of 13-30 kg within 6 months were found. With the annual balloon, which is refillable, you can lose up to 35 kilos, so even significantly more.

A gastric balloon for weight loss alone helps you to lose a lot of weight quickly. However, these successes can be short-lived if you are not accompanied by specialists during the therapy. Through the support of our My Weight consultants, you can finally get out of the yoyo trap and be successfully slim in the long term. Have confidence, many people before you have already made the leap with our support.

The balloon takes up a part of your stomach. As a result, you are already full with smaller meals and reduce your excess weight from the first day of the insertion. If you permanently change your diet and integrate more exercise into your daily routine or add a fitness training program that suits you, you can lose up to 35 kg of excess weight in twelve months with the gastric balloon therapy.

Of course, the price is always very important! Price advantages are passed on, but the prices for gastric balloon therapy differ from location to location.

Sometimes it takes place in a practice, sometimes in a clinic, or hospital, at My Weight you get the best price for the service offered.

The 6-month therapy starts from 2,690 euros, the annual therapy from 3,500 euros. All prices are always inclusive of all services that are important to you. No hidden costs. In the case of the annual therapy, the optional refill of the intragastric balloon costs about 400-500 Euros.

There is no standard plan, each patient has his own eating culture!

Our experienced consultants will be at your side with advice and support throughout the entire therapy period and will help you to create an individual nutrition plan. For your weight loss success, it is enormously important that we find together exactly the diet that you can also keep up in the long term.

It is important to permanently change your previous dietary and lifestyle habits in order to achieve the desired success. Together we can permanently reduce your excess weight, even after the removal of the intragastric balloon. We are very familiar with the special problems of gastric balloon patients and will find an individual way to your weight loss success.

In rare cases, the balloon may leak, allowing the blue-colored saline solution to escape. This is not dangerous and you can detect the leakage by the green discoloration of your urine. This can happen if the balloon remains in the body longer than the prescribed wearing time of six or twelve months and the material becomes tired.

After inserting the balloon, you may experience discomfort, heartburn, abdominal pain or nausea in the first few days. The stomach must first get used to the balloon and tends to produce more stomach acid than usual. To help you get used to the balloon, you will receive a prescription with pain-relieving medication and, if necessary, with bridging infusions during the first period. During the entire therapy period, we are available to answer any questions you may have.

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