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Every year, over 1,000 patients begin their journey to their dream weight. Most of them have been exactly where you are right now. While you wait for your answer, feel invited to share in some of their success stories.

Schlafapnoe: Schnarchender Mann & Frau, die sich die Ohren zuhält
Heavy snoring followed by 10-20 seconds of interrupted breathing during sleep. This is the main symptom of sleep apnea, a nocturnal breathing disorder. In the long term, sleep apnea can increase the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. How is sleep apnoea caused and what can you do about the breathing disorder? - Find out here!
Glukose-Trick zum Abnehmen
"The Glucose Trick" by Jessie Inchauspé - a current bestseller and diet trend - is designed to make losing weight very easy. The book describes three simple rules to keep blood sugar levels in balance and thus avoid cravings and low moods. But what is the truth behind the glucose trick for losing weight?
Magenballon Nebenwirkungen
What am I letting myself in for and what can help me? If you are thinking about having a gastric balloon inserted, you will inevitably ask yourself about the side effects. We would like to show you very transparently what you can expect and show you ways to manage the side effects of the gastric balloon correctly.

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